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Chapter 3, Effective Coping Skills

Comic Relief: Humor Therapy For humor to help your stress levels, it should not be self-depreciating or sarcastic. This site gives imaginative and funny tips for bringing healthy humor into your everyday life.
Art Therapy Some people may feel intimidated practicing art therapy because they don't feel as if they have enough creativity. This site defines art therapy and discusses its benefits, regardless of the individual's art talent.
Dream Therapy Many of us may remember our dreams in bits and pieces, but find it almost impossible to interpret them. This site will give you a background on the theories behind dream therapy and some tips for figuring out the hidden meanings behind your dreams
Communications Skills Many people think that communication only involves what you say, when in fact, everything from the way you hold your arms to the tone of your voice can affect how your message is received. Learn more about the many messages you give out at this web site.
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