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Chapter 1, The Stress of EMS

A Closer Look at Stress Confused by all this talk of optimal stress? Visit this site to learn more about how much stress you can handle. Scroll down for informative tips on how to manage your stress.
The Stress Response Your body may be trying to tell you to slow down and relax. This site concentrates on the body's warning signs of stress, which can range anywhere from increased heart rate to teeth grinding to mood swings. Search the site to see if you have experienced any of these warning signs. If you have, what did you do about them?
Critical Incident Stress Nearly every individual involved in EMS will experience critical incident stress at some point in their career. This comprehensive site discusses critical incident stress management, includes information on how to run a debriefing (including a list of do's and don'ts), and provides self-tests to help you evaluate your lifestyle and level of burnout.
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